Why using Virtual Assistant Services?

The benefits and results

As a social media Virtual Assistant, I can be your virtual marketing department. I will help you reduce your overheads, consequently accelerating your success. Your business will target the right content and market. It will be in the right place and have the best business image.

As a result, you save money because you don’t need to provide office space. Things like office supplies, a computer, desk, coffee and you don’t have responsibility for employee benefits. Most of all you can be assured I am going to improve your marketing strategies.

Probably creating promotional material or digital content for your website. Adding articles to your blog or managing your social media. Because I have a highly flexible and professional background in graphic design and marketing, with over 20 years of professional experience, I can take care of every detail.

While working with local businesses, I create and design with passion and attention to detail, across many disciplines: business identity, blogs, websites, social media, print and digital solution, graphic design, and P.O.S. (Point of Sale).


Creative graphic design and marketing Virtual Assistant
Need affordable and reliable marketing Virtual Assistant services? Call me on 07879456095 for a chat over a coffee.

What can I help you with my VA Services?

Social Media planning, strategy and management
My VA digital services can be hired in two ways. I can work for a couple hours a week with a monthly plan. This way you feel I am part of your staff. I can anytime also do one-off projects. Either way, you can be confident that I will run your marketing smoothly.
Because my passion is to help you succeed, as a result, I will deliver solutions to problems creatively. I will, therefore, making sure your business identity tells who you are and is good customer targeted.
In addition, I create a marketing strategy that will deliver more leads and builds brand awareness.

Throughout my VA services, I will use Social Media to listen, engage and share content with your customers. In addition, I can do Email marketing campaigns. Also, I can deliver creative graphic design solutions for your WordPress website or promotional material.


  • Set up and updates for Social media profiles
  • Planning & strategy for your Social Media
  • Social media management
  • VA Consulting & VA mentoring for Social Media
  • Audit & improvements
  • Researching, curating and populating articles and content
  • KPI & analytics
  • Adding articles to the blog
  • Creating newsletters and adding contacts to the database
  • Website updates
  • Creative services may be extra or a one-off  project

What now?

Call or email to use my VA Services
In conclusion, my goal is to achieve your goals. Firstly creating bespoke marketing strategies for your business needs. Then promoting brand awareness and engagement. As a result, generating more leads and sales.
Due to regular meetings at your convenience, using Skype or meeting at your business office, we will plan, analyze data and discuss/implement key performance indicators (KPI). Consequently focusing on your goals in order to grow and succeed.
Does all this sound good?
Give me a call on 07879456095, or send me an email to discuss it further over a coffee.
Business Identity
Logos, business cards and more.
We create or redesign your business identity, making sure that reflects your products or services and stands out from your competitors.
Websites and Blogs
Wordpress or Bespoke
We create bespoke and unique websites, big or small, with or without shopping carts, or a content management sistem (CMS).
Social Media
Profiles and strategies
From Linkedin, blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube, social media is a great tool to engage with your customers and doing research.
Email campaings
We also do newsletters, e-cards for Christmas, for invitations or special occasions.

Are you worried that your traditional marketing is just a hole in your budget? Maybe you don’t know how to complement it with a digital strategy using Social Media tools?

Do you have a proper marketing plan? I mean a writing one even if in a simple plain language?

A lot of companies will just see that maybe their advertising is not bringing leads, or the leaflets are not bringing more calls… well, Social Media is here to stay and it brings us a huge number of free tools to brand yourself and your business more efficiently.

Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Blogs, Infographics, … there are plenty of networking events, free webinars, videos and informative blogs… that will give you a starting point.

Of course, you may don’t have the time or maybe you don’t understand it, that’s the reason people like me are here to help you to understand and create your marketing strategy, applying it with creative and bespoke design ideas.

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”  by Henry Kaiser

Before Social Media came, you would need to put your products and services in front of your customers’ eyes, you would need to convince them that you are the best in what you do and you would give them the best price and quality.

Today things are a bit different, you don’t need to convince your customer, you will need yes to be where your customer is and inform him about what you do and positioning yourself to engage with them. You need to promote and brand yourself and your business. But their decision will be made probably from a recommendation or from watching an informative video from your website or YouTube, or maybe a friend or someone (could have been you) on Twitter,  told them to visit your website because you are highly recommended.

People are looking for information, for recommendations, for the top 10, for the best sale and deal … they will make their mind and go to your shop or website and buy from you when they convince themselves. So are you in those lists? Are you being recommended, do you share information that will help to understand your products or services? Be where they are, listen to their needs and offer your advantage and benefits.

The traditional 4Ps are now at last 7Ps in the marketing mix, there is more out there than before. You need to be prepared to change it or will be your customers that will make the change and go to someone else instead!!!

Let me tell you some of the reasons your marketing may not be working anyway.

1. Do you believe in your product or service?

Lack of commitment and disbelief in your business is one of the main reasons for poor results. You need to know well what and why do you sell and how you are promoting it. Commitment is an important key, belief in what you do and share your enthusiasm with your customers and clients. That is one of the tips to improve your sales and increase your profits.

2. Are you doing similar to your competitors?

Have you done your marketing research? How do you compare with your competitors?
You need to have a USP (Unique selling proposition), so you know why your clients will buy from you instead.

Marketing research is very important, you need to know where you are compared with other companies, who is buying, when and where, what strategies are your competitors using that may be taking customers from you? Otherwise, how do you know where and how to promote yourself?

Do it with DIY or get an expert to help you!

3. ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ – KISS

This is one of the rules of marketing, people sometimes complicate things when a simple plain idea works better.

Clear, simple and original ideas will always bring you more profits. Be clear with your customers when explaining what you do and sell, be original and stand out from your competition.

Also here… Do it with DIY or get an expert to help you!

If you are still worried that your traditional marketing is just a hole in your budget, is an expense instead of an investment or maybe you don’t know how to complement it with all the free Social Media tools…

Please call me on 07879456095 or send me an email to [email protected]

Book your marketing consultation today and discuss your biggest challenges and business needs.

I will help you create a marketing strategy to brand yourself and your business and will implement it myself in a Clear, Simple and Original way !!!

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